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    Blood in Seringe

    Hey guys,

    Shot my fifth 400 mg dose of Test today and for the first time, i noticed blood in the seringe. The problem is that i didnt notice it until all the juice was in. I did aspirate and thought i hadnt seen any blood so went ahead and pushed juice in. After pulling out, saw the blood. What does this mean in terms of the juice? I know that if you see blood when you aspirate that you have to re inject. Just wondering what the exact effects are. Did i waste the juice? Less effective?

    Thanks guys.

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    Some one just asked this question yesterday, and yes you should be ok if you are typing this thread. The blood in the needle after you withdrew was probably from passing through a vein. Your ok.

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    You just passed through a vein bro. Happens to me all the time. As long as you aspirated, and make sure you ALWAYS aspirate , and there was no return of blood, your good to go.

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