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    Need to lose the damn love handles!!!

    Here's my dilemma. Been working out for 4 years. Right now I'm 5'10", 185 with about 11% bodyfat. All natural, never done any juice before, got a pretty lean muscular physique (can see top two abs), but I've got these damn love handles (lower abs and sides) that I think most of my fat is hiding in and drive me nuts. My diet is pretty clean, eat 5-6 meals per day (each meal w/at least 40g protein, moderate carb, low fat, two of those being protein shakes). I've used ephedra, ALA, clen , done cardio for months at a time before, but as low as my bodyfat drops, the little love handles stay. Now I'm planning on an 8 week winny cycle 50mg ed, and I'm wondering what else I should add to this? (ex: t3, clen, eca, etc.) I'm trying to stay away from the harder steroids , only looking to lose bodyfat and lean up and LOSE THE LOVE!! I appreciate any help you bro's can give me. Thanks.

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    Diet, training, maybe an ECA stack. You will lose the love.

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    8 weeks of winny is a long time, especially for someone who has never juiced before. U should try it for 6 weeks and make sure u have ur liver protectants. a 17aa for 8 weeks is gonna be hard on ur liver.

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    this seems like one of the most common trouble areas for most. Not only do most of my clients face this problem, but I do as well. I currently can see my top 4 abs perfectly, yet still carry the "handes & a small pouch (lower ab area). I beleive this is a genetic problem, which can be refined but not perfected. I have tried countless dieting & cardio/training techniques.... Only to find myself sacrificing LMM to burn fat 'down there'... I wish someone had a miracle answer for this one.....

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    You are right! Often times the "Love Handles" are genetic and are quite diet and excercise resistant. Men are predisposed to carry a higher proportion of fat in the abdomen, back, and flanks. Many times people can get their b/f levels very low but still not see a major reduction in these problematic areas.

    These areas can be refined and decreased in size, but not always eliminated. As men become more and more intuned to their physiques, many are turning to Liposuction procedures. With the techniques that we use today, pain , results, and recovery time are excellent. Although this procedure is not for everyone, it is a great option for many.

    daVinci..8 weeks on a winny cycle is way too long, especialy for a first time user of AS..I would recommend 5-6 weeks at the most so you can see how you are going to respond to the compound. Make sure you are adding in a liver protectant while running the winny. And though winny will have an effect on your muscle hardness, it will not do anything dramatic to your lower abdominal bodyfat.

    Doc M

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