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    cycle for my wife

    my wife wants to start a cycle after working out religiously for about 18 months. Her main goal is to loose BF while gaining some mass in her upper body, as her legs overpower her from years of cheerleading. After some research, we have decided on

    5 mg anavar daily
    100mg primo per week.

    1. How long for each?
    2. Should she run both or just one?
    3. She suffers from terrible migraine headaches which sometimes totally incapacitates her. Would either of these exacerbate her headaches?

    thanks to all who help out.

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    I'd say one and the anavar would be it, later on if she wanted to do the primo she could go from 25-50mg a week. Then if she responds well with no side to both she could stack the 2 at the same dose. But honestly Bro you should post this in the female forum, they would know better then me.


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    i agree with johnny's advice here...

    although i am not well-versed in female cycles i agree that she would be fine only running var and that 100mg of primo is overkill.

    since she potentially will only be getting 35mg var/wk, a better ratio imo would be around 50.

    maybe winny would be better for her since the var really won't do great in the mass building department alone.

    as with any 17-aa, 4-6 weeks would be the length i would recommend for her cycle.

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