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    good time for injections

    im am currently on a cycle of Sus 250, 500mg a week. I am on my 4th week an have gained a soild 15 pounds so far. I started out at 173. I see some gains but i want more!!! But i was wondering i have been taking the shots on Monday an Thursday mornings before i go to work. Should i change the days i take the shots? Or just take them the same days. Thanks for the info

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    1. i dont think all of that mass u gained was solid, some was water for sure, by my 4th week i gained the same amount of weight. by 5th week i was at like 20 lbs..

    2. i injected using the same process as u, sus should be injected every 3 days if 500 mg is used, if 750 - 1000 mgs is used then eod is good.

    keep up the gains. Good job !

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