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    clen or winstrol??

    I need advice! So many people have told me to take winstrol to cut fat, and some have said clenbuterol . I heard clen is better for cutting fat and getting more cut. Which one is better for a female???? I work out all the time, and I am just at that point where i need a boost to burn the extra fat. Any suggestions????

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    Well I personally wouldn't recommend winny to a woman as a first time drug. Although it won't hurt you physically anymore than a male, it does have androgenous (masculinization) properties. Most AAS are used primarily to put on lean muscle mass (which will help speed up metabolisms) as opposed to using them for fat burning properties. So if you do decide to use AAS, start with something mild such as anavar or maybe low dose primobolan . That being said, as far as fat loss, clenbuterol is definately the way to go. Cycle clen (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off) with an OTC fat burner for 10 weeks along with a tweaked diet and you will see good results.

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    No winny for women!!!! Stick with the clen 2weeks on/off, ECA or NYC in the off weeks. Cycle in some t3 and you'll be good to go

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    whats up people? Hey as long as we are on the topic yeah i know il slow. Im 23 lifting for 4 years hard. But im having a hell of a time leaning this year, i mean one hell of a time. Winny work good?
    I would like to cut fast and keep my size but cut the BF down a good 2-5%. Not on any othere drugs at this time. Csn any of you smart peeps on here give me some info on it?

    Thanks men and women!!

    "Yeah im bad what what?"

    Hahaha god im a dork but love it!!

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