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    Question girl taking winstrol

    I'm a 22 year old girl that wants to take Stan QV winstrol . I was wondering if anyone knew how much to take every other day. I am also diabetic, would that make any difference.

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    I assume you are talking about the liquid, not the tabs correct? Your first step is to log into the women's forum and do some asking over there. But, I'll give you my standard response I gave to girlboxer when she was asking about stuff. Here it is copied and pasted from a thread she started:

    As far as your drug intake is concerned, I think you went a little too light on the dosage. Latasaurus may disagree, but his girlfriend may have some stellar genetics. Plus, if you add up the dosage his gf took over a 7 day period, you will notice that her intake was almost right on the money with the "rule of thumb" for female Winstrol intake. She took 7.5mg/day which adds up to 52.5mg/week. Please reread the response I had written to one of your original posts (I have included the thread below). Although I said that my gfs had "fitness" physiques, do not misread that as "not muscular". You just have to consider that they had more of the "bombshell" physique as opposed to the more "athletic" physique you have. I am sure that if you saw pictures of them you would not be unhappy with the musculature they posessed, so their drug intake would probably suit you just fine. Your genetics classify you more in the category you seem to want anyway, so you are well on your way (and lucky) because of that!

    Before you get on to my original response, I will tell you that you should probably wait 6 weeks (or more) before you start another cycle. Females are more sensitive to aas, so just be careful. Patience (as much as it sucks to wait) is a virtue. And, this is a life-long quest. You'll get there. At least you are in the right place to learn about all of this stuff. I spent YEARS trying different things to get to where I am now. If only I knew then what I know now...


    (Please note that the following opinions are all anecdotal evidence I have gathered from personal experience, and the experiences of people I know. It doesn't mean that they are a hard and fast rule, but they are a pretty good survey consisting of about 10 different people, both men and women, and many of whom compete. These 10 or so people will collectively be called "we" or "us" in the rest of this post to make this easier for me to type, and you to read)

    One of the problems with trying to figure out the oral dosage for Winni for women is the fact that when Winni is in pill form, it usually needs to be taken ed. Again, from the experiences of "us", oral consumption of Winni does NOT appear to be as effective as taking it IM (intermuscularly) in a dose for dose comparison. In other words, we have noticed that if you take winni orally, you have to do it every day in order to get the same effectiveness of taking it IM eod. Others may disagree, but this is the general consensus that "we" have come to. You will notice that most suggestions for women taking winni IM is to take 25mg every 3 or 4 days. Notice that this is typically only going to be 1/2ml (if it's 50mg/ml) or 1/4ml (if it's 100mg/ml). This adds up to 50mg of Winni every six or eight days. Your consumption rate is 30mg every six days, or 40 mg every eight days. You are still on the low side of the general "rule of thumb" for female winni dosage. Not to mention the fact that you are taking it orally, which as I have noted above, does not "appear" to be as effective as taking it IM.

    So, here is my suggestion to you. Get rid of the Winni tabs. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but I will tell you why. Three of my past girlfriends have used AAS. All three of them have either a Fitness, or a Figure physique, not a body-builder physique, and that is the way they wanted to stay. I'm not sure what your goals are, but I thought I would give you some anecdotes about their experiences. All three have tried the following: Winni (injectible and oral), Primobolan (all have tried the injectible, one tried the tabs as well), and Anavar . The most desirable results seemed to be achieved by Primobolan @ 100mg/week. They got more muscular, stronger, and leaner. At 200mg/week some very undesirable sides were incurred by one of them. She broke out all over her arms, and eventually her natural DoubleD cup breasts reduced themselves to C cups at best. They did not come back, and that is why I love the man who invented the breast implant. And here I just have to say that a woman with DD breasts AND a rock hard six-pack is amazingly sexy (sorry, I'm still a man, and sometimes I can't help myself)(plus, I have to give her credit for busting her ass in the gym to get the body she has).
    Winni, while effective at giving muscle size and reducing bodyfat, seemed to have too many undesirable sides to warrant its use. Again, this is only a sample of 3 women, so don't take it to mean that it is going to be that way for you. Their doses for IM were 25mg every 3 days (one took 50mg/4 days for the first couple of weeks b/c her ex, being the moron he is, told her to do it that way), and when they took it orally, they took 10mg/day. All three of them noticed a deepening of the voice (The one who took 50mg/4days was VERY noticeable), and the other two just kinda ended up with a sort of raspy, smoker's voice. It lessened once they got off, but it was still noticeably deeper than before. Also, two of the three had a noticeable enlargening of the clitoris. That DID stay for the two of them. It's not like they now had a penis, but you can imagine what several cycles of it might produce. I should also note hear that the one who did the Primobolan @ 200mg/week had some clitoral enlargment from that as well. 100mg/week did not seem to affect any of them. Also, the enlarged clitoris's (is that the plural of clitoris? Should it be clitori?), were not by any means gross, and they actually seemed to increase in sensitivity. Not necessarily a bad thing, but many women are self-conscious about being too "meaty" down there.

    Anavar, while seemingly effective for some women, has never produced the bang for the buck results that the other two have. Yes, all three of them got a little leaner, and a little more muscular. But, not as much as with the other two. And, it was considerably more expensive. But, none of the three noticed any sides. Guess that's the upside.

    So, what have we learned here (in other words, if I were a woman, this is what I would do)? Primobolan and Winni are both effective. Primobolan, at the right dose, seems to be the best when you weigh in the results, the cost, and the potential side effects. Winni, while effective, seems to cause more undesirable sides to get the same effects of Primobolan. Anavar, while good for getting lean and hard, doesn't produce the muscle gains of the other two, and it's more expensive.
    If you can, get ahold of about 6 or 8 Primobolans @ 100mg each. Take one a week for 6 to 8 weeks and see what happens. If you don't get any results, up the dose the next time around for the first 2 to 3 weeks to 200mg/week, and then go back down to 100mg/week. I would suggest doing it this way b/c you are a woman, and your system can be affected more easily than a man. Best to ease into it (with the potential of being let down with your results on the first run), than to just jump into the higher doses and risk getting some unfeminine (is that a word?) results. Be prepared to lose your period, so don't freak out if you aren't on time. All three of them lost their periods while on, and one of them took almost 5 months to get her's back after her last shot.
    If you have any other questions, or any more info you want to give us, feel free. Take care.

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    Jeez, what an awesome response, I was gonna add something but you covered everything.

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