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    mixing eq and cyp?

    I will be starting my eq and cyp and am wanting to mix it into the same syringe? It is ok to mix them right? I have heard that oils based with oil based is ok. Also how do I go about doing this? Im sucking out of 10 cc bottles?

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    you can mix the 2 yes.
    Doesn't matter which one u draw first. I would switch pins after your done drawing cuz your poking into 2 different bottles so the tip might get alittle dull.

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    When ive done this in the past, i first suck up about 2cc of air in the syringe. then i go the the first vial, and push out about 1cc of air, and pull in 1cc. and use the other cc of air to go into the next vial, and draw. then youre ready to swap needles, removed any bubbles, and go!
    Good luck

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