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    Tendonitus or what?

    Sup Bro's

    The past few days my tendons where my bi connects to my forearm have been killing me. You know, the spot where junkies shoot up, that pit opposite of your elbow. I don't know what the hell caused this but it hurts like hell. Its in both arms. Im currently running Sust @ 500mg/week, on week 5. I just woke up one day and noticed the pain. It went away after about a day or two. Today when I woke up, same shit. I could barely lift at the gym today. Has anyone else experienced this from Sust? I drink water non-stop all day long so I doubt its a hydration thing. I have very good form. Oh yeah, and the day that it started hurting, I could open and close my right fist and feel a tingling feeling over my hand. Any ideas or cures? Please help


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    when ur working ur bi's what exercise makes it hurt the most? cause u could have tennis or golf elbow. either way u'd need anti-inflamtories and a break

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    ...ahhhh yes the effects of being single.

    Sorry I had to take that shot.

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    Sounds like overextention when doing curls. I did that once... NOT pleasant. Takes forever to heal.


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