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    SUS injection, fkin HEEEEELP !!!!!!!

    hey guys im going on to week 7, this sunday of my sus/deca /d-bol cycle.

    i have gained 20 lbs so far, but one prob.

    i work out mon, tue. thurs, fri

    i take injections like sunday wed fri

    everyday i dont workout till 5 pm

    would it be better for me to inject on monday morning, instead of sunday morning, causei figured it would give me better pumps.

    basically should i inject in the morning at 7:00 am on my workout days instead, cause i dont workout till 5pm after work.......

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    it does'nt matter what time you inject but how much per week!
    thats my 2cc

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    The whole purpose of maintaining a steady level of AS in your system is so your body has the ability to use the AS whenever it needs to. With sust this is harder to do, and causes some people to experience good days and not so good days because of these fluctuations. If this is your case, injecting on your workout days could be beneficial, but if your levels stay constant, any increased pump you may experience is probably mental, as one day shouldn't differ from the next.

    So to answer your questions, injecting in the morning and working out at night is not an issue. As far as injecting on Monday instead of Sunday, that's up to you.


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