About three weeks ago i started taking sustanon . There is a couple problems though...and i need some help figuring this stuff out. My first problem is that every time i inject in my butt i get a knot. And it is there for about a week. I know that im not doing anything wrong. I got help from a long time user. And then last week i injected it in my thigh. I didnt get a knot but it is still really sore. And that was four days ago. and there is no way i will be able to do squat tomorrow because I can barely even walk. I just want to know if there is a better place i can inject. Could i by chance be allergic to it? Can i inject it into the front side of my lower leg? I have also been extra sore lately, and even felt sick. well i got to go, but i would appreciate it if ya'll could give me some info on the situation. thanx a bunch