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Thread: Winny Cycle

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    Winny Cycle

    last time i did winny...i had a 50ml bottle at 50mg per shot....i did a shot every other day of all i can seem to find are one time use winny amps at 50mg a pop....I gained like 10 pounds hard muscle and really liked the results....i finished a eq/sust cycle and didnt see much results at all....i wanna hop back on the winny....but need to know how much i should get....and i really dont want to shoot 50mg ed so is 100mg eod good enough? and how many should i buy? also what are good prices? i was gettin like 14 an amp which im not too happy about...i remember gettin the bottle for like 240 and i know that is a good price....just looking to get some results...cause i am not happy at all from my last cycle didnt really do shit for me....

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    you need to do 50mgs ed for the best results. im just finishing mine up now and had great results from a 45 day cycle. iwas alternating between 50mg tabs and shots ed. 14 is high but thats what i pay in ny. so, do what you gotta do. let me know how it goes...also, what are you going to do for post cycle?

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