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Thread: How much test

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    How much test

    I have been taking QV Deca 300 @300mg/wk for 4 weeks thus far. I know I should have been doing test from the get go. I am aquiring 2 bottles of QV enanthate 250 on saturday. Any Ideas on how much/how long for the test? I weigh 196 lbs(I put on 8 lbs since taking deca), and could stand to loose a little body fat. Im not a pig, but I'm not ripped either. My concern now is to get as big as I can up top. Also remember this is my first time taking anabolics so I wanted to keep it on the light side. Thanks for any ideas.

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    How long are you running the deca at 300mg/week??

    I would hope 10-12 weeks and if you are running it this amount of time than the test should have been ran along side of it, but you already know this! i would run the test at 400mg per week or even 500mg to make it simple. Run it for at least 10 weeks. IMO

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    you could add 250mg, I think going over 500mg a week on your first cycle is an invitation for side effects. Or you could just run it the way it is, then add test to your second cycle.


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