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    gundam's cutting cycle !

    im running this right after my bulkinf cycle

    sus: 1 - 10: 500 mg/ew
    deca : 1 - 10: 400mg/ew

    Week 11
    Clen 50mcg morning & afternoon On(mon,tue-thurs,Fri
    T3 25mcg/d
    Winny 50mg (mon,wed,fri)

    Week 12
    Clen 100mg monning afternoon (mon,tue-thurs,fri)
    T3 50mcg/d
    Winny 50mg (mon,wed,fri)

    Week 13
    Clen 125mcg morning afternoon (mon,tue-thurs,fri)
    T3 75mcg/d
    Winny 100mg (mon,wed,fri)

    Week 14
    Clen 125mcg morning Afternoon (mon,tue-thurs,fri)
    T3 75mcg/d
    Winny 100mg (mon,wed,fri)

    Week 15
    Come off Clen
    T3 taper back down to 50mcg
    Winny stays same

    Week 16
    T3 down to 25mcg
    winny stays same

    my pricipal concern is that whether the winny dose is high enough to preserve my muscle mass. otherwise ill grab some more winny, i have 3 weeks be4 i run this. any input would be greatly appreciated. i DONT WANNA LOSE ANY MUSCLE LOL ! worked to damn hard, u guys know the feeling. so dont hold back. FLAME AWAY !

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    Thow in prop and tren and it would be ok.

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