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    Question HELP with conversion

    guys quick question about fina conversion

    what dosage will a 8G kit and 2 cars of Finaplix -H yield????

    and how many ML's

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    for every 2g in the kit you need one cartridge.

    therefore you should have 4 cartridges to make around 80ml of 75-100mg/ml concentrated tren .

    i would get 2 more cartridges before going through with the conversion, however you could just make a weaker concentration and inject 2ml/day instead of 1 to get a fair dosage.

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    Why are you using an 8g kit for only 4g of tren ? Anyway, you would end up with about 80ml of 50mg/ml tren, depending on how much BA and oil are in your 8g kit.

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