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    prop, fina, winny, bold

    Hey guys im goin to be running my second cycle in about a week or 2 and my stats are 6 foot 215 lbs about 13% bf. Ive been training for 4 years and am lookin to run a cycle to get me ripped.

    Im considering running Prop and Boldenon then Fina and Winny towards the end. I dont want to do a very long cycle, maybe 8-10 weeks total. Anyone have any suggestions on how i should break it down? Ill have clomid on hand definitly but dont know which anti-e to use. Will nolvadex help wit gyno from the prop? should i also have some liquidex?

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    not too far from you
    this is what i'm stacking.

    prop 100mg eod
    tren 100mg eod
    winny 50mg ed drinking.

    as of today i'm on:
    week 4 of prop
    week 2 of tren
    starting winn tomorrow

    this will all end beggining of august, but the winn will last 1 week past.

    this is my 1st cycle, and i'm thinking of increasing the prop to 120mg or 150mg eod.

    some advise:
    take milk thistle<--good for liver
    glucosamine<--good for joints
    melatonin<--for a good night sleep
    and devote 1 day once a week to drinking cranberry juice to cleanse your kidneys.

    maybe this insight may help

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    My first cycle was very similar. I ran

    test. prop 100mg/eod wk 1-8
    fina 100mg/eod wk 1-8
    winny 50mg/ed wk 2-8

    Saw great results with it. Ended up about 10 pound heavier, and dropped a fair amount of bf. I don't think you need to add the eq, especially since it takes a while to kick in, and you want a fairly short cycle.

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    chinups Guest


    I think this cycle here is one of the best cycles you can do. JMO! If you are anywhere near 10%BF you will get ripped with strict diet and cardio. I will attempt this one next summer.


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    wk1-10 75mg Prop ED
    wk3-10 75mg Fina ED
    wk5-10 50mg Winny ED(Var prefered if cash isn't an issue)

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