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    Little vacation coming up...preloading and mailing syringes the route to go?

    Lately I've been doing a lot of traveling, both by car and plane, though nothing has yet necessitated my being gong long enough to miss a shot. However, next month travels will dictate that I miss a shot unless i find some way to bring the gear along, or have it at my destination. I'm not nearly foolish enough to attempt to carry it on board a plane. As I will be staying with a family member (as opposed to a hotel) I should be able to mail it to myself at their address without a (major) problem. The can not, however, know it is AAS, so I'll have to come up with a clever little excuse as to why I needed to mail something (i'll come up with something). My questions are:

    A) Is it "okay" to preload the amount i'll need and mail it...i can't imagine it would cause any real problems if I pack it right.

    B) Is anyone aware of any precautionary steps i need to take (please keep it to PM's if it's in any way a 'secret of yours')?

    I really don't want to land this relative in any trouble (obviously I'll be sending it to myself at their address under a generic return address of simply my last name at my current residence) in the miniscule chance something happens, so I'd like to be as careful as possible. Thanks.

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    Bro ur fine, mail it to urself at there addy, mix the shit in the syringe wrap in in tin foil and ur good to go, then wrap that in paper towels and stuff it so theres no room for the syringe to move, youll be fine, been done b4 by a friend of mine, as for a reason having something mailed to there house say its viagra or something like that...

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    gotta make sure the plunger isnt going to get depressed en route. i would fed ex it overnight the day after you get there, tell her you forgot your cell phone charger. good luck with that bro.

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