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    Coming off cutter..strategy

    Hi all,
    I'm coming off a cutting cycle next week. I've been on cycles before, but never to cut, so I want to be sure my thinking is correct so I don't shipwreck myself

    Cycle consisted of: 400 mg test cyp/week, 75 mg tren EOD, 50 mg winny/day. Test for 12 weeks, tren for 10, winny for last six. I'll be using clomid at the usual dosages and have nolva on hand in case. I've starded ECA at 3x/day also for it anti-catabolic properties and will continue it for a while post cycle.

    Now to my question. I've been doing 50 minutes of cardio 5 days a week and taking in only around 2500 calories/day. I'm thinking of raising my calories slightly over time and possible lowering the amount of cardio I'm doing depending on if I lose a lot of weight. What are your strategies? I'd really hate to gain all that fat back or burn up muscle

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    ONLY eat from clean sources. Go ahead and raise your calories between 300-600 per day, but from clean sources, protein and complex carbs ONLY!

    I just logged on to write a post to Pheedno about running a cycle through a contest and after. My body, while using HCG and nolvadex has gained 5lbs of lean muscle in 2 weeks after my contest because my body is so sensitive to the increase in calories. With your body being suppressed it's now a GREAT time to do a lean bulk. If you notice too much fat coming on just taper down your daily calories by 150 per day or so. Do a little bit of cardio just to keep the metabolism primed for utilizing your calories, but don't do more than 3 days and not very intense.

    Hope this helps. Drop me an email if you want to discuss it further.

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