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    AS vile leaking?

    Has anyone ever had a vile leak after you inject a needle and store it somewhere? On my qv vile that rubber was so easy to push the needle through and when I store it I don't sit it up right I just sit it in a baggy and how ever it lays is how it is. Is there a chance that the solution can leak out if it's upside down after top has been popped and needled injected thanks.

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    Had a problem the other day when I injected too much air in the bottle. The increased pressure was forcing the oil out of the bottle. I re-stuck the bottle and pulled some of the air, was ok after that.


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    884 the above message said...if you have air pressure in the bottle from force air in to inject then it will come out ever so slowly if on its side or upside down...I know from experience. Wasting gear is like f**kin' with my girl!LOL! So just be careful...

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