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Thread: test / t3 /clen

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    test / t3 /clen

    anybody ever heard of running t3 2 days on 2 days off in conjuction with clen run the same it beneficial to do so.....just toying with the thought any input....stats currently running 600mg test 250winny aweek....for 12 weeks 230 14% bf been training for 4 years 4th a endormorph .....using it maybe to cut BF ant input

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    brother im half-endo half-meso, listen if i were u i would run the clen /ed and taper it up, dont fuck with ur thyroid. if u go on and off ull fuck up ur thyroid and ur metabolism will fluctuate. just leave it constant. clen + t3 = burning fat faster than a stripper picks up bills on a friday night !

    good luck !

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