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    Testosterone alone sufficient for cutting?

    Hey, for my final four weeks of my cycle I was thinking about cutting with only testerone enanthate at 750mg weekly. Is it still possible to burn muscle running testoserone alone like that?

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    sounds good

    run your anti-es to help keep the fat and water off as well as the other estrogen sides and your good to go

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    any exogenous source of testosterone or other anabolic compound will prevent muscle catabolism. even running only test i find it near impossible to burn muscle regardless of the frequency or intensity of cardio.

    now, if you coupled T3 or clen in the mix you might need to change your routine a little if the muscle starts coming off, however this shouldn't be a problem.

    get your ass on the treadmill and watch the fat melt away with minimal muscle loss during your last 4 weeks.

    btw, listen to billy's advice here on the anti.

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    Run the anti-e's ESPECIALLY if you are trying to cut the fat.

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