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    Fedex Shipping ?

    Just wanted to get some peoples input on having gear shipped from an international source.

    I am about to get my powdered gear from my international source. The guy ships by Fedex. The package will be around 1 lb, maybe a little more, but not much!

    Should I have it shipped to my house or to MBE (mailboxes etc...)?

    What have other people done and what where the results?

    Thanks for any input


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    My buddy and i ordered international shipped to his address(home) but it wasnt Fed-ex, it was some international mail from italy just like our postal service here in the states, not Fed-ex or UPS, we got our 1st order, then customs got half of our second order but the other half made it through, the package was green taped along with a letter from customs, we use a domestic source now and have never had a problem, dont know if this helps or not...........

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