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    Cabergoline ( Dostinex) Dosage for Gyno??!

    I have some early signs of Deca gyno after researching need some help to lower my prolactin levels. My choices are either Cabergoline (Dostinex) or Bromocriptine.
    I am going with the Cabergoline as it has much lower side effects, my question is does anyone know HOW LONG I HAVE TO BE ON THIS STUFF FOR?
    and at what dose (.25 mg twice weekly).

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    ID use .5mg E3D, but you may try .25mg. I havent used it while on any prolactin increaseing compounds, but I do like it on its own. Sex drive gets crazy on it (.5 E3D) .

    Stay on as long as your on anything that may increase prolactin levels.

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