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    Is it possible LR shipped me Liquid T3 labeled as Clomid?

    I am probably just being paranoid but how can I tell that my liquid clomid is really clomid?

    How is Liquid clomid supposed to taste? A friend of mine tasted it and said it tastes like T3... sweet then bitter.

    The reason is I am experiencing some mad side effects, like light headedness, crazy headaches everyday, etc.... And I am taking a ML a day of this stuff.

    I've been taking it for over 7 days now, if it is T3 then I am taking 120mcg a day. How can I tell what I am taking? Substantial weight loss has NOT occured.

    Help guys, I am really paranoid...

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    most of the liquids tast the same, they will taste like the liquid solution they use to disolve it in not like the powder that is disolved, if the label says clomid then it is probably correct, if it says T3 then they may have made a mistake in the order and crossed it with someone elses. it would be hard to tell from gains so soon if it was either

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