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    Test year after

    I unfortunately neglected the use of anti-Es on my first cycle last year.

    I used Fina (tren ) and Winstrol , I was confused because I kept reading that Tren does not readily convert to estrogen. Having done more research, I know I should have used the anti-Es.

    This was about a year ago however, and I’m just wondering if I need to use the Anti-Es now to boost my test levels back up. Would they be back to normal by now, or as high as they will now reach?

    I’m using Bromo with high dosages of Vit. B6 (500mgs/2 daily) right now and have Nova and Clomid in the mail.

    Let this be a lesson to all of you wondering out there! USE YOUR ANTI-E!


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    jersey juice is offline Member
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    Nov 2001
    Did you have your blood levels checked?

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    You need to go to the Dr. and get checked.

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    I've never had them checked, I'm just assuming they are lower because of a lower sex drive.

    Though I'm with a different girl now, so I'm not sure. It could be a different partner problem.

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    firstly, i wounldn't just assume that they're lower...go see a doc and get tested.

    secondly, tren is progesteronic, not esterogenic. you should have obtained prolactin before beginning to prevent development of gyno, etc.

    third, if you neglected to use an anti-e during your cycle, it was a poor choice, but it would not have caused the impact on your test levels a year later which you believe it does. a rebound in your test levels depends mostly on your PCT, and time...

    how was your PCT then? did you have one?

    if the doc tells you that your test levels are lower than they should be, i suggest you try HCG and clomid. failing that, you may need to discuss HRT with your doc.

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    J-Dogg is offline Anabolic Member
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    No PCT sir.

    I'm beging to think I maybe over reacting. I'd probably have more side effects than a lower sex drive had my test levels been reduced.

    I'll use the clomid when it gets here in a few days to be safe.

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    1 year later? u should have recovered by now, something else could be effecting ur sex drive buddy

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