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    Weight swings.... any health implications???

    I went from 165 down to (under) 150 and I'm 190 now - in 2 months.

    I wonder if there are any health implications because of rapid weight swings...

    if, so - any suggestions as to what to do to get the body used to the rapid weight changes?



    PS This is AAS use related - so, assuming a lot of people go through this and might be interested in learning - I posted it in this forum - however, MODs feel free to move it to where it's more appopriate.
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    From 183-230 I was ok

    When I went from 230- 250+ (@ 5'7")I started sweating my ass off. Its harder on the body, more weight to move around. Ive adapted to it though and feel fine. My BP was a bit high before though.

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    I think like Billy said rapid weight gain can cause BP problems and does make the heart work harder. I also think those who take in large unclean calories (not that I would ever do this) are subject to other health issues. I think anti-e's and a good cardio program along with a relatively clean diet will help considerably with any health risk. Regular check ups and blood work are advisable as well.

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    Do yoga not steroids!!!
    I heard somewhere that Lee Priest had heart problems because of his weight flucuations. I mean going from 270 down to 230-205 probably would put some strain on the heart.

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    i m sure there are some strains on the heart but i think as long as you are not sittin on your ass and doin nothin it would be fine. the body does adapt well if the body is in good shape. as for any pains, i know when i went from about 172 to 198 i had some joint problems. well not really problems but some pain. i added in some deca and the extra fluid it puts into the joints was a lifesaver.

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