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    running clenbuteral on test n deca?

    Hi everyone,

    Im just about 2 weeks into my test cyp/deca cycle....Im a pretty skinny guy, but I have some fat on my stomach and my hips or rather obliques and id like to get rid of it so I can get abs and nice obliques, Iv been doin abs alot and enough cardio to not hurt my cycle....Im considering runing some clenbuteral to help aid this...Alot of people told me it should do the trick, what do you think? Will the Clen help and will it effect my cycle in anyway?

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    I think you should decide whether you're bulking or cutting and go from there. If you''re looking to just put on a little mass and get leaner, then maybe run the clen . If you're trying to bulk, run the clen post cycle, and BTW, I HATE CLEN. It makes me shake. Hope you like it better than I did.

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    I'm running a ethanate/deca /oxandrolone cycle. I've heard that the clen wont do much because of the water associated with test and deca, but im running clen 2 on and 2 off anyways just to see how it will affect my body.

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