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    Injury.....Need advice.....

    Ok, here's the situation...I've been training off and mostly "on" for the last 3 yrs. I have a pretty good build, approx 6 FT 1", 210, approx 10 % bodyfat. I've only done AAS once ( 2 months ago, winstrol - 1.5 CC EOD ), made some good gains off this, nothing big, just wanted to get used to "stabbing" myself before I tried anything else. Now last week, I broke my left hand ( 2 fingers )...Doc says it will be 3-4 weeks before its good again..Here's my question, when I go back to train ( approx 1 month from now ) I was wondering how long I should wait before I did my second cycle ( fina, enathate, and winstrol ) ??? Should I train for any period of time to get back "into" it , or can I start my cycle the first day I go back to the gym? Any suggestions/experiences would be great....thanx bro's

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    i would hold off for a little bit before doing any cycle. You want to make sure that your joints are operating ok before hand so you don't end up having to stop the middle of your cycle because of arthritic like pain. Fina is not very kind to the joints in the first place believe my i know.

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