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Thread: Atlantis STEN

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    Atlantis STEN

    I ordered 2 vials of 10ml x 100mg/ml test prop, and I end up gettting 20 amps of Atlantis STEN. This is what each amp says (in red):

    <a round logo>
    2ml I.M.
    Reg No 54261 S.S.A
    Lote No 300102
    F. de Cad. ENERO-04

    What is this stuff? The few posts I've found say that its a cyp-prop blend, but what are the mg/mL? Or is this straight-up prop like I was hoping for? And is there an Atlantis website somewhere?

    Thanks in advance bros.


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    It's a blend. My buddy tried to sell me all of his stuff for virtually nothing. I honestly haven't heard anything good about it. Seriously, 2 bucks and amp, is all it's worth. I decided against it. You can't give the stuff away.

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