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    All Olympic Athletes Are Not Rocket Scientists

    Doesn't sound like this guy was too bright. He is probably going to get stripped of his Olympic Gold medal among others for testing positive for nandrolone . Wouldn't you think that if you were a world class athelete you would have enough sense not to use drugs with a detection time of 18 months!?

    LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) - American sprinter Jerome Young was named by the International Olympic Committee (news - web sites) (IOC) on Thursday as having failed a drug test before the 2000 Olympics and could lose the relay gold medal he won three years ago.

    The IOC has handed the Young case back to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the ruling body which has jurisdiction on doping matters in the sport outside the Olympic Games (news - web sites).

    If the IAAF decides Young was ineligible to race in Sydney, the IOC will then decide what action to take, probably by the end of the year. IOC President Jacques Rogge said an athlete in such a case would "probably" be disqualified.

    Young received a gold medal for the 4x400 meters relay in Sydney and won the 400 meters world title in Paris last month. Although Young did not compete in the Sydney relay finals, he ran in an early round and got a gold medal as a team member.

    He was alleged by the Los Angeles Times last month to have failed a test for the steroid nandrolone before the Sydney Olympics

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    I agree. There is no reason to ever use that substance if you are tested.

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    it could have been androstein i beleive it shows up as nandralone

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    Stripped of his medal? For doing something that 90% of all olympic athletes do in my estimation? F**k that, I would hide the medal and say I lost it in a poker game

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddrew
    Stripped of his medal? For doing something that 90% of all olympic athletes do in my estimation? F**k that, I would hide the medal and say I lost it in a poker game
    That's true. There is a lot of talk about ethics and whether the IOC should just back the fuck off and let the athletes use their own judgement. But the real problem with that is similar to what you see in a lot of the Mr Olympia contenders - drug use becomes out of control. But the Growth Hormone Games - errr, I mean, the Olympics is full of performance enhancing erogenic aids. It don't matter what the IOC rules out as a banned substance. These athletes have probably one shot to make it (it is NOT an anual event) - and they all do what it takes to come in their best shape, physically and mentally. Althletes will continue to try and get an edge to break records and take home medals. It just that simple.

    And I wouldn't say the athlete in question wasn't an intelligent guy, I would say that his (or his coaches) personal attempts to mask the nandrolone failed. These guys spend a lot of time preparing for this kind of rare competition - I am sure he was well aware of the detection time of nandrolone... he just failed to cover it up.

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