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    1st cycle and Tornel Test enan 200

    Now my buddy got some test like I asked for my first cycle. He is a good friend and the Tornel Test 200 is legit. I have all my PCT and all the supplies needed. I posted my stats in previous posts. The more research I do on mex gear primarily Tornel and Brovel I hear more and more bag shit. Now I understand the it's underdosed but all my vials are almost 10ml. I am worried about the possible infections associated with those brands in particular. Am I being a little bitch or cautious cause it's my first cycle. By the way I'm doing 400mg a wk. Thanks

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    400 a week is perfectly fine. Infection isn't the main concern with tornell its that it's only 80% of what the lable is. So in essence your first cycle will be 320mg a week. I have used tornell before. In the future if you want mexican steroids use QV, Denkell, CYD.

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    Underdosed is refering to the actual amount of test the compound contains. Expect half your shit to be fake/underdosed so use twice as much. Thats a bit extreme but I have heard it many times.

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