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    Scar tissue, will it ever go away?

    At each cycle, after some weeks, I feel lumps developing in the injection site in the glutes that make further injections impossible as liquid doesn't go in, and it is painful too. This is probably the definition of a scar tissue.
    When I am off, the lumps seem gone, but when I am back on story repeats.
    Is it newly formed scar tissue every time or is it just that when you have it, it stays and maybe off cycle is only less irritated and swollen?
    Aside from injection site rotation, anything that can make it disappear for the good?
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    I am not 100% sure whether all scar tissue goes away but it certainly can be reduced although after several years it seems to become more and more permanent.

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    Scar tissue can be permenant, and as far as I know there is nothing you can take to cure this. To avoid scar tissue dont inject in the same spot all the time. This is how scar tissue is formed, which you already know, but I am telling you anyways. And yes it can be very hard to inject, it almost feels like you are pushing the needle through a brick wall, and also very painfull too. If this is the case, just have a shot elsewhere. The more you inject in the same spot, the more chance you will have of scar tissue. So like i said, make sure you dont inject in the same spot all the time. And its is not newly formed scar tissue every time, it is same scar tissue that only can get worse n worse. IMO I belive this isnt a major issue, so I wouldnt worry about it too much brudda. Good Luck


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