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    My cycle and want to do anti e's right. plz help

    Aight bro's the next cycle is coming around on nov 1 and i want to to do it right with anti-e 's just have few questions
    wk 1-5 30mg dbol ed
    wk 1-10 test enan 500mg wk
    wk 1-10 fina 150mg eod
    this is where i need help
    i was told not to start taking nolva till the third week and take 10mg every day until the end of the cycle

    As for clomid will i take it 3 weeks after my cycle due to the test or 2days after due to the fina?

    Also if I do take it 3 weeks later do i continue to take the nolva until i statrt taking the clomid?

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    ok lets fix this...
    #1) Run your fina through week 12 (2 weeks longer than the test) and start your PCT two days after your last fina shot...

    #2) You need nolva and bromo for your anti-e's...i would run some L-dex instead for the anti-e (.25-.5mg ed) to keep away the bloat and run the nolva @ 10mg ed.

    #3) start your nolva on day 1 of your cycle, or even a day or two before...and yes, run it through your PCT...

    Youve almost got it right...just needed some work

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    What's your cycle history? 150mg of fina eod?


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