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Thread: im confused

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    im confused

    I'm the guy who has researched alot but doest really have that much knowlege bout the gear. But, every post, and site i research talks about how you need to take 500 mg of this a week and 1000 of that. But my brother did a couple cycles a few years ago in highschool, he gained about 40 pounds and got more defined than ever (he was already lifting for a bout 3 years), went from benching 235 to 320. Those are unbelievable gains adn he was only doing 1.5 cc of deca a week with some winny. Is this because he was only 18? Or is it just my family genetics?

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    lol, well i guarantee you his deca wasnt 1mg/mL. the reality is it was probably more like 200. so 1.5cc of deca is 300mg/week.

    1cc = 1mL

    gear is measured in mg administered. for instance. 500mg/week of this or 1000mg/week of that. clear it up any?

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    He might of had good gains off of his little deca cycle but I guarantee you he would of acheived much better results if he would of done his cycle right and waited another couple of years.

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    and no matter what...use a test of some kind as your base!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tryingto******
    and no matter what...use a test of some kind as your base!!!
    i will second that.

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