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    2nd cycle hows this sound

    Im 20 yrs old 6"ft 190lbs. 8%bf and have been training for about 5 years. My first cycle was winstrol tabs 50mg ED for 6weeks, I responded very well to this and gained 11lbs. Now im plaining my second cycle. This is what I have plained
    weeks 1-2 100mg-prop/EOD test enth 500/wk 400/eq
    weeks 1-10 500mg enth/wk 500eq/wk
    weeks 10-12 just 100mg prop EOD
    weeks 12-15 clomid.

    P.S. Ive been told ill gain 15-25lbs and keep it because of my good genetics what do you think? Thanks a lot for any input guys, much appreciated!

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    Aug 2003
    Some feed back please????? pos or neg

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    That`ll work just fine. Nice cycle. Some bro`s will ask that you run EQ for 12 weeks because it takes a bit to see the gains. I would have to agree to run it and test for 12...But not do or die .

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    good cycle, glad to see youve done some research, or atleast know some shit...the eq might be better if ran for 12 weeks, but then that throws off your pct therapy...if you do un it for 12 weeks then start the prop at week 11 when your done with enth, and run it 2 weeks longer than the eq to week 14...start pct 2 days after your last prop shot...

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    Nice cycle.

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