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    Test Enth/Test Prop?

    Ok I'm new here, been reading the educational forum for a while
    and I'm still a little confused.
    I want to run a test only cycle with enth/prop
    front load with prop then at the end finish of with prop again.
    since you have run shoot prop eod.would you mix the prop/enth
    in the same shot? Then after 4wks go to Mon-Thurs with enth.
    At wk8 stop enth. and finish with prop.
    I want to run 600mgs/wk yet keep blood levels stable
    Thanks in advance.

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    Bro 600mg for a first cycle is to much. How about some stats with age


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    Sorry bout that
    31yrs old 195lbs
    lifting 13yrs, 3rd cycle
    Last cycle was
    test enth 400mgswks 1-12
    d-bol 30mgs wk 1-4
    tren 75mgs eod wks 9-12

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    When I jumpstart with prop I run it ed and enth mon and wed. On mon and wed I put the prop in the same syringe as the enth. If deca is used say on tues and thurs the prop goes in with that also.

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