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    new cycle, not sure how low I can go

    I did a couple of cycles last year and put on quite a bit of weight. Not long after I packed on those pounds I had to stop lifting and lost a lot of weight. It is now about 6 months later and I am now able to start again and would like to do a lite cycle to help boost my strenght and weight. I dont want to do anything too heavy but would like to get a descent boost. I am fairly suseptable to side effects so I dont want to go to hard. I am 6'4" and currently weigh about 195 lbs. Heres what I was thinking.
    10 weeks
    300mg of deca /wk.
    500mg of sust/wk.

    I dont know if this will be too little deca or not. I really hate deca dick so I want to take it easy on that. I dont know if it makes a difference or not but my last cycle was 750 mg of sust and 500 of deca. It was 6 months ago. Thanks for the advice.

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    use test enanthate instead of sust and thats a decent cycle.

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    I would lift for a while before I jumped back into a cycle. You will probobly be able to see good gains natrually since you havent lifted in 6 months. And after lifting for a while, run your test and deca .

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    I agree with nevaenuf, after a 6month period of no lifting i wouldn't just jump right back into the sauce. I would take a few months to get back into the swing of things and make sure i have my diet and lifting routine dialed in correctly first.

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