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    having kids later in life

    what about this, is it only a risk with high dossages and witch steriods are the biggest risks to the balls(you know what I mean)

    what about the steriods that don't make mister dick die (in my woords)

    what about EQ.

    I'm not shure I ever want kids I hate them at the moment very mutch but One day I will want them i am sure.

    so I getting a bit worried sometimes and smash things around

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    well if your getting that mad and throwing things around as of right now....then i wouldnt exactly start using have more of a chance to completly loose it.....

    as for your questyion....your test levels will be back to normal after a little while off...just make sure you get check ups at the doc, to make sure everything is ok...

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    i am not an authority on child birth, but to the best of my knowledge, the chances of permanentaly shutting down your htpa with 2 or 3, 8-10 week cycles a year is slim. you run into trouble with very extended cycles, a year or more, and high dosages. and even then you could have a herd of kids after your body recovers(assuming it will). if children are in your future, just be cautious and run sensible cycles.

    JMO, so i will keep this bumped for a more definiate response.

    this seems like a job for...................TNT!!!!

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    Originally posted by bigkev
    this seems like a job for...................TNT!!!!
    just bumping this one for TNT!

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    Cool L'il ol' Moi?

    I have to admit that this is not an area I've checked into extensively. Besides, I've never done deca (or any other AS that would tend to lessen the hornies), so I can't speak firsthand of the wacky world of decadick.

    As a philosophical point, however, I'd say that I would prefer going all natural and running around like the horny bastard I am, than being bigger, bulkier, and more ripped but having a case of decadick.

    Anecdotally, most of the common AS will allow you to return to original condition once they've completely worn out of your system, right down to the size of the family jewels. But if having kids is a priority, or you plan to make it a priority at some point, I would take that into account when planning your cycles. This is especially the case when considering any AS with estrogenic properties (such as Clomid, which is medically indicated to induce femaleovulation). There are some AS that will have a positive effect without the negative side-effects, and others that even I wouldn't play with.

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    I asked this ? on another board a few guys over there have kids and 2 even conceived in the middle of a heavy cycle. So just be smart about it, you know all the side effects that go along with using AS, besides nothing is more pathetic than being 280 with 8% bodyfat shredded, but can't have kids...with no balls you are no longer a man. Use your head, you'll be older a lot longer than you'll be younger.

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    Check this out:

    In my college days, (mid-late 80's) I used Cyp, EQ, Deca , Enanth, Dbol , etc, without using Clomid, HcG , or even Nolv (too expensive for a stupid poor college kid). I can LOOK at a woman and get her pregnant. My little fish are vigorous, virile, and READY TO GO!!! (6 accidents that resulted in abortions, 3 kids, different moms - couldnt keep it in my pants).

    Use wisely. Dont take the stupid moronic risks I did. You'll be fine.

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    I stayed on just about 3 years straight and my balls came back after 6-7 weeks! I am sure my sperm count wasn't up by then though! The doc told me that your sperm count will almost always come back but can take up to a year or possibly more!

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    Look at some of the pros, like Flex Wheeler and Milos Sarcev. As pros they have gone through a lot of shit, and they both have kids. So if the pros can still have kids, I would think people who dont use nearly as much as them could too. Peace, Doc.

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