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    Thumbs up Deca +sustenon Stack

    Hey All,im New Here But Have Been Training For A Few Years,just Recently Started A Deca +sustanon Stack Just To See How I Go Started With A 2 Cc A Week For 8 Weeks Currently On My 7th Week,i Noticed Few People Were Saying That Wen You Use Deca You Loose Your Sex Drive But Mine Has Gone Through The Roof Which In Turn Is Great Cause I Dont Have To Warm Up On The Machines(if You Follow Me) I Have Enjoyed My Course And Will Be Looking Forward To Doing Another One In March Or So,can Anyone Advise How Much I Should Increase My Test To? With The Idea That I Want To Look Natural And Not Just Pumped From Roids,i Think You No Wat I Mean????? "when You Cant Do No More Make Friends With Pain!"

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    uhm....... dont know about that last quote, but anyways.

    1. i am assuming u did 250 mg of sus, and 200 mg fo deca ?we need to know how much u took in mg's first.

    2. u need to do more research imho. u didnt mention anything about clomid or anti-e's !

    3. deca wont shut u down if u run a test, and sus is a blend of test's.

    4. there is no need to increase the dose if u can still gain at what u did, but if u did use 250 mg of sus, i would increase to 500 mg/ew.

    5. dont use sus, use test enth. way better !

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    Why do people stack deca with test? It will barely do anything, specially on a first timer cycler, test is all you need, maybe a oral at the beginning to kickstart things.

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