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    hit with food poisoning


    just finished up week 4 of 400mg enth/wk (1st cycle) but i got food poisoning.

    i couldn't keep anything down all week, and altho i was up like 7lbs, i'm back to where i was when i started. this is depressing. i have no appetite and i feel like sh!t, but what should i do? keep shooting and trying to eat? or wait till i get my appetite back then start with the shots again?

    i haven't been able to hit the gym since last friday either. i've been almost too weak to move till like yesterday. but going back tomorrow

    any advice?
    thx guys

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    food poisoning should only keep you down 3 days max. it kept me down 1 day b/c i threw up 17 times, starting at 2 am - it was the raw oysters. then took the next day b/c i was still weak from having no food. got a 6 pack out of it though b/c of all the heaving i was doing. haha.

    anyways, to answer your questions, i'd go ahead and keep the shots on schedule. this is just a mere bump in the road. don't let it get you off track.

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    just keep going, I wouldn't throw it all away since your already through week 4

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    I got hospitalized 3 days for food posioning once on pizza a year ago. Thanks god I wasn't on a cycle.

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    Like KM said a max of 3 days only for the worst of food poisoning. You sound like you need some fluids intravenously.

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