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Thread: steroid safety

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    steroid safety

    I am going to Dominican Republic in the new year and want to bring back some juice for personal use.I was wondering if I took a sterilized bottle there and just dumped the vials into this bottle ,how safe will I be from infections when i go to inject each time?Is there any recommendations of what I should bring back.Its either Testoviron . Sten or Sustanaon. I plan on stacking one of these with D-bol. Any help would be great! Thanks. Gutz

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    This sounds like an invitation for infection, you can't mess around with these things, you're injecting stuff straight inside your body. I wouldn't risk switching vials and containers and such.

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    You could draw it from the original vial and shoot it into a sterile vial with minimal risk to contamination, but I would probably be more concerned about the gear itself being legit. I have never known anyone to get gear from the Dom. Rep., but I could be wrong.

    You're fine swapping vials if you clean everything.


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    You want to be very clear that everything is totally sterile or you could be real sorry.
    Get some sterile vials for when your back as well as some watman filters and tranfer to them when home if you want to take that risk.

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