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Thread: Ip -vs- Qv

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    Ip -vs- Qv

    Which One Has The Better Test?

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    I gotta go with QV, you can't beat the test enthanate 250mgs/50ml bottle...yep...50ml...thats heaven on earth...IP is sketchy to me, i hear alot about their gear and i'd go with QV...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FIGHTGUYROC
    Which One Has The Better Test?

    not a fair to compare these two (IMO),.... one is an undergound lab the other isnt ,..... not that underground labs are bad, but im just saying,..... i bet the IP is cheaper to get,. but both are probably not made in a germ free setting like a U.S. lab,.. i`ve also heard of alot of fake QV floating around,.. and i dont believe anyone is faking the IP gear,..

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