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    cicle help please

    i'm doing a cicle with Ganabol (Equipoise ) and winny and sust

    1st to 2nd week sust 500 mg/week and winny eod

    been doing 1 ml of Gana in the 3rd week every other day

    3rd and 4rth week ive been doing 1 mg gana every day

    sus and winny are the same

    Im, in my 4rth week now Doing good!

    gonna do winny for two more weeks (6 total)

    How long should I stay on ganabol????

    (love the stuff)

    sus I'l do all to the 12 weeks 500 mg every week

    I want to step over to something else after the winny

    Dianabol good idea??

    or what else\\???

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    run the gana for 12 weeks also, and no d-bol wouldn't be a good idea. you should add some clomid to the end of the cycle?and the winnie would have been better at the end of the cycle.

    I would switch to prop at the end of your sus, EQ and run it ED for 3 weeks then start clomid 3 days after last prop shot.

    Weeks 1-10 eq 400mgs/week
    Weeks 1-10 sus 500mgs/week
    Weeks 11-13 prop 50mgs/ED
    clomid 3 days after last prop shot.

    Clomid 300mgs 1st day, then 100mgs for 10 days, then 50mgs for 10 days.

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