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Thread: Clen?

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    Question Clen?

    Hi, I am a VERY new user. I'm a 20 year old college student and recently put on 25 pounds of mass in about 4 months using "1-test" and massive eating and training. I am at 180 pounds now. I know basically nothing concerning any type of steroid . I do know alot about nutrition, training, and supplementation though. Now, I want to cut my bodyfat within the next 2 or 3 months. I heard that CLEN was very anabolic and will help with reducing my bodyfat while perserving my hard sought after muscle mass. Can anyone give me some suggestions or comments concerning CLEN and its effectiveness. And where I can get it. Thanks

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    clens efectivness is up to you. if you take clen , follow a stric diet with tons of cardio, clen works great. if you know about diet supps, and training, then you already know how to loose weight. clen will just help you take it of faster. stick around and do some reading on clen. alot of info here on clen. good luck

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    Clen isn't anabolic , it is just anti-catabolic. It can help the anabolic effects when used along with steroids because of its ability to raise body temperature.

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