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Thread: bulging disl L5

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    bulging disl L5

    I HAVE A BULGING L 5 DISK i have been to a dr this is the second problem ive had with the same disk the first time i ruptured it, anyone have this problem, what do u suggest training wise should i just wait a full year until its healed and not lift ,or start up now its been 4 months since its happened and go light i got the drs opinion looking for someones opinion who lifts so please dont say go to the dr been there done that thanx

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    I have the same problem too. I just recently got my lowered back examined after 3 months of pain and the doctor told me I have a bulging L5 disk. He didnt seem to give me any great advice. All he said is to start stretching the lower back and hamstrings everyday. As far as lifting I think im going to start back and just stay away from deads and squats.

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    First of all be sure you're aware of the differences between pain and injury. If you are injured and you need time to heal than by all means take some time off. If you feel your ready to train start slow.

    If you're going to begin training again this is my recommendation.

    See if you can find a gym with a good reverse hyper machine.
    This exercise actualy seperates the vertebra at the bottom of the movement relieving pressure on the lower spine (lumbar and lower thoracic sections).

    Also this will work 2 fold because the exercise will strengthen your hams, glutes, and lower back which will aide in preventing future injury.

    Good luck,


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