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Thread: Future Cycle

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    Talking Future Cycle

    In february I always run a cycle that is high in androgens and is pure mass, but in september I like to run a cycle that is more mild, just to help me build up a little.

    February 2004

    weeks 1-4 dbol @40mgED
    Weeks 1-9 Sus@1250mg/week
    Weeks 9-12 stanozolol tabs @50mg ED
    Arimidex .5mg ED
    Clomid Weeks 13-15

    Sepember 2004 cycle

    weeks 1-12 EQ@400/week
    Weeks 1-8 Cyp@500/week
    weeks 1-4 Either 100mg Prop EOD or 30-40mg of Anavar ED

    I was also thinking about throwing in Primobolan Depot @300mg/week

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    On the second cycle run the cyp till week 11 and I'd op for the var to get the strength gains started. Plus I don't know you history so if you cool with 1250mg of test cool. But like I said I don't have a clue where your at.
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    I'd run the test longer in both cycles bro!

    atleast 10 weeks but more like 12 IMO!

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