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Thread: help with cycle

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    help with cycle

    ok i'm a rookie to the juice world but willing to give it my first try but i need some of u guys help before i do something stupid.
    i'm 5'11 200 lbs @ 12% body fat and have been working out for the past 4 yrs
    i've done some reaserch (and saved lots of money)and came up with some juice i'd like to hit, and made up my own cycle please let me know if i'm on the wrong or right path.

    wks1-4 d-bol 30mg ED
    wks1-8 test enanthate 500mg/w split E3D
    wks 8-10 hcg 5000 i.u./w E5D
    wks11-16 winstrol 150 mg/w EOD
    wks11-16 equipose 300mg/w E2D
    wks17-18 hcg 5000 i.u./w E5D
    wks 1-18 nolvadex 20mg/d

    1)for PCT i will use nolvadex, clomid, and clenbuterol but don't know when to start.
    2)also i can't find proviron but if i do could i use it through wks 1-18 and PCT?
    3)should i stagger my doses or keep them constant?
    4)should change, remove or add anything else to this cycle or increase or decrease anything.
    your help would be appreciated

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    That's way too much for a first cycle. All you need for a first cycle is something simple, like test e for 10 weeks at 500mg/week.

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    I totaly agree with mr death enth 500mg for 10 week would be as effective first time or even more effective so dont waste your money bro.

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    yeah i agree with the above...way too much for a first cycle, also why are you stopping the enan at week 8...keep it simple go with test enan for 10 wks, see how ur body reacts...

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    I would just go with the Enanthate and EQ. Like 500mg/wk of enanthate, and 400mg/wk of EQ. Go for like 10 weeks and then do your PCT. But don't start PCT right away. Wait a few weeks till your levels begin to drop. I wouldn't do all that you had for a first cycle. See how your body acts to a little bit first.

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