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    who needs AS to make any kind of gains???

    what I mean by that statement is, How many people cant gain naturally without the use of AS.. I been at the same size and weight since I got off AS about 8 months ago, and was unable to make any kind of gain.. I got a great diet, and use supplements(creatine, glutemine, aminos, No2) Well the no2 works great for me durring the first 2-3 weeks or so, then i come off and get another bottle... I done about 4-5 or so cycles.. The last 2 cycles was only 550mg test and 400mg eq for 11 weeks.. Very little gains off these again.. I plan on useing the same light stack for my next 2 cycles(well if i do it again, which I may cause i cant seem to make gains without them).. Some of my stats are 5'7", 162lbs.. Can max bench 260lbs... Decent size, but was benching 280 last cycle(last summer)... My goal is to get to bench 315lbs, and weigh 175(I mean not while on AS), but I dont think I can get there without the use of AS.. I been at 155-162 for the last 3 years, Im 24 now... i work out about every other day and eat great... But I do drink on the weekends... IS there hope for me to keep gains... I have a small frame(bone structure and small wrists).. Mabee my body cant hold anymore weight.. Body fat is low, exept on stomach.. Anyone else feel like they cant gain weight, or at least without the help on AS.

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    drinking on the weekends is going to hold anyone back, especially a hard gainer like you sound to be, if you're really concerned about putting on a decent amount of weight, you should be concerned with how much you squat, not how much you bench

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    Yes you can gain off of AS! The problem i see for you is that your expectations seem to be a little high. Obviously you will not make the same gains as fast when off than on.

    In between cycles your not going to see much gains because its hard to put on weight naturally after training and dieting for years. If you can put on 10-12lbs of lean mass naturally in a year that is a great job! With that in mind, the x amount of weeks your off is not time enough to see phenomenal gains. Plus with your strength and weight dropping after a cycle it seems like your going backwards, but your not! After every cycle you should be stronger and weigh more even though you lose some of your gains. These are your nets gains and you can build on that.

    If you were to stop using AAS from now on, you would continue to gain just at a much slower pace.

    As for the drinking, in moderation is fine, a couple nights a week shouldn't hurt as long as you are eating right and the nights you do drink, drink more water the next day to rehydrate. Obviously no alcohol on any 17aa.

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    agreed, tm. look for about 1-2 quality lbs of lean a month. that's alot less than the AS bloat of 15lbs in a month, but again, it's alot less bloat.

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    not me..but.....

    i dont want just anytype of gains..i want great lean bodymass strength is very acceptable i think...495lbs squat, 425lbs bench<-with room for more (no chemical assistance)..i cant figure out why i got stronger or was stronger with out assistance...maybe cause i was more focus on actual lifting than anything else..the mind is very powerful..anyways asfar as looks--i want to look more buffed...bottom line..chemically is one way for me..

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    IMO your question cannot be correctly answered by anyone but yourself. Each person has different natural hormone levels and there are many people that could train their ass off, eat perfectly and never make any gains past a certain point and that point could be very low for some. You cant take a guy with distance runner genetics and make him a body builder, naturally. We all have different levels of natural genetic potential. One persons experience will be totaly different from someone with more gifted natural potential and it is very hard for many of these more gifted athletes to comprehend this because they make gains regardless and they assume that it is your training or your diet because everything works for them, they grow just opening up the car door.

    Thats what makes AAS so great and thats why so many use them. But they will never make you a champion unless you are gifted as well. I also believe that body builders as a group are often pre disposed to being big and strong...that's what draws them to this sport to begin with. We all like to do what we are good at. Also you will hear many body builders tell you that AAS only give you a slight edge...they finish off your physique. That may be true for a very tiny number of athletes but for many it is night and day. Also some bodybuilders have never trained clean so they think that they would grow this much anyway and give little credit to the AAS. Again they just dont know any better. JMO

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