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    post cycle roid rage?

    can someone please help me out here, i seemed fine while i was on cycle and now in my post cycle i got a really short fuse, even the stupidest stuff pisses me off, and stuff that i wouldn't normally make an issue out of i blow up into a huge deal. could it be clomid? and is this normal. has anyone else experienced this?

    thanks for your help

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    just hormone changes bro..they are gonna fluctuate until you get your body back to normal....and maybe you are just a little upset that your cycle is over,but it has to be over so you can get clean and get started on your next....just hang in there
    i could tell you something that happened to me,but i really dont think i should put it in black and white..lets just say.i have a court date and another cat has a broken leg,fractured skull and 7 missing teeth because i let it get the best of me...but come to think of it,he deserved you see if you can direct your agression for positive actions then it isnt really a problem

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    I get that way too during PCT I just thought it was because my blood levels are all out of wack.

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    I feel exactly the same when I use clomid during my pct. None of these symptoms appear when I use nolva, arimidex or proviron instead. I hate clomid for this reason.

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