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    PreCompitition - Training & Diet

    Just curious what some of the members diets are the week before a competition. Say to drop all your water-weight?

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    I usually start by drinking more and more water, then dropping it:
    Mon: 6litres
    Tue: 8litres
    Sat (show day): sip water (drink a big bottle of power raid after the prejudging)

    This helps me shed water naturally without having to take any under the counter diurectics.

    I also start carbing out slowly during the week by eating lots of oatmeal on monday, then start adding simpler carbs every day till Friday and on Friday I have steak and potatoes and gravy and stuff myself... same for the morning of the show.

    I don't have protein drinks during that week and try to stay away from salted stuff.

    Everyone is different though and it's a bit of hit and miss and lots of luck getting it all to work together.

    MiKeXXL has tons of knowledge on precontest dieting...especially the last week. He might add some good stuff here.

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    sounds good dangit...the only thing I would add it to decrease your sodium atleast 4-5 days out...I'd say by a day or two before the show you should be down around 300mg or less a day! say you started at 1000-1500mg on monday you should ween down to 300 or less.

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