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    prop at 100mgs EOD to finish off a cycle...

    prop at 100mgs EOD to finish off a cycle...
    here is my cycle:

    500mgs of test... week 1-12
    40mgs of Dbol weeks 1-6
    400 mgs of eq weeks 1-8 (I know I know... why so short... someone stole the extra bottle from me... I got the money back for it... but couldnt get the eq in time to finsih the cycle... lets just say the kid gave it up after a lil beating)

    well I have a month b4 I go away... and I figured a good way to finish off the cycle was to do about a month of prop at 100mgs EOD...

    u think that should be good to solidify my gains (got some good gains off this cycle... even though my eq got cut short...)

    or should I run some d-bol with it for the last month ??

    let me know what u guys think...

    oh one more thing... this is my last week of my ****ed up 12 week cycle...

    so I would be either runnin the prop by itself or with d-bol...

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    That sux that your EQ was ganked, but since your in the 12th week I guess we cant yell at you now, J/k. With the prop, you can do it EOD although if you can ED is better, the benenfit of ending on prop ( I am assuming you were doing 500 mg of enanthate or cyp) is that you can go straight into PCT after your last prop injection due to its half life.

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    well you can add the dbol to the end if the cycle is more of a bulker, or prop at the end if its a cutter. I personally would run the prop, i think it will help solidfy the gains better then dbol. then you can run pct 3 days after last injection.

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    Run prop at the end. Great way to end it, that's what I always do.

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    thanks everyone for the reply...

    yeah losin the eq sucked... but atleast I got the money for it to put towards my next cycle... and yes the test I was runnin was Enanthate (ICNs baby)

    good gains thus far considering my eq was cut short....

    but I think I will end off with 4 or 5 weeks of prop... and then hit it right up with some PCT...

    thanks everyone...

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    27 hr half life. GO ED.

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